Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kate Moss wants to open a model school

Kate Moss for quite some time in the modeling business, and now she feels that she has reached maturity necessary to open a model school. This institution Kate wants to teach modeling skills to help them reach heights.

"I think I can open a model school. To some this may seem strange - School Model Kate? Models of Moss? ... You know, I have a girlfriend, she is incredibly beautiful woman, any clothes on it looks great. But she thinks it's just a job. And I think this is some experience, having developed that can be achieved much more than that. "
36-year-old model wants to warn those who had a great desire to conquer the fashion world: "Women are interested in the modeling industry have to understand that hard work. Come to the shooting in the morning and leave at 10 pm it is quite tedious. Especially when the next day you should come back to the studio. "

"It's not just plays, it's not just because, they say keep your left leg in his hand. It's much more. It's like dancing. You have to immerse themselves in the process, you must have a keen eye for art. You must surrender to the process, otherwise someone more rugged and skilful take your place. "

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